Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Final Project

For my process and methods I will be documenting it on a blog, I will include all my research and photos and all the things I do that are related to this project

The theme for the things that will be encapsulated in my resin will be to make a range of colors that seamlessly flow together. The greens will flow into the yellows into the oranges and reds and so forth.

I will also be researching color spectrums to also further understand and execute my final project

Monday, April 10, 2017

Project Proposal

My first thought when this project was introduced was color. All the different natural locations around campus and properties that UWF owns have so many varying colors and textures in them. I immediately thought of the bright orange clay if you walk far enough on the nature trail or the white sand at the beach or the vivid green leaves that can be found everywhere around campus. As my ideas developed I came to one that I settled on. I want to capture those colors permanently and physically. I want to somehow take the colors from their locations and preserve them forever. My plan is to take samples from the locations and artfully preserve them in resin. I have never worked with resin before but I have seen lots of work with it and it has always fascinated me so I am excited to try.


I will go to the beach, the clay pit, a lot of the forests, nature trail, I’m going to wander and collect what I think deserves to be preserved forever.

Sand, shells, leaves, dead bugs, clay, flowers, dirt


I will collect all of my samples and artfully preserve them in resin. I will need resin and molds. I have not yet come up with my designs and sizes it depends on what I find. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Response to the Gif Articles

                  I had never created a gif before the assignment to make 6 of them was presented in class. I never really put much thought into gifs at all really even when I used the fun little feature to send gifs in my iPhones message app. I did make a video in photoshop a long time ago but never an animation. It was interesting to learn about some of the things that go into making a gif. I am certainly not an expert at making animations or gifs but I found it really fun to mess around in photoshop and create some gifs using the techniques I learned in class. The articles presented were also interesting and showed me the history and artistic presence of them. I think it is awesome that most gifs are free content and that they are used across multiple platforms. In the article about Chuck Poynter they praised many of his gifs and then kind of made fun of some, which I personally like. The Digital Materiality of Gifs article was very illuminating as well as visually interesting. In the Ubiquitous Minicinema article it mentioned that designers tried to do away with gifs, one of the reasons being that they looked amateurish. I think the fact that gifs can look amateurish and that anyone can make them easily is whats great about them and is a quality that I see in the Digital Materiality of Gifs article.


Sunday, February 5, 2017


All three of my chimeras were inspired by popular television shows. All of them represent alternate endings or angles the show could take.
  My first one was inspired by the popular HBO show Game of Thrones. My made up alternate ending was that Daenerys Targaryan and Jon Snow have a dragon baby. I included the blue fire in the background because Jon is from the North and Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons and is unharmed by fire. I have the dragon baby large and up front in the center because that is what I want the main focus to be. The main tool I used in this chimera was the selection tool to place the characters in the document.
My second chimera is based on two shows, Family Guy and American Dad. I created a classic crossover episode for this one. I merged Stan and Peter’s bodies together as if some horrible experiment went wrong. I tried to tell a story by having Stewie in the background with a laser gun as if he were the perpetrator behind his father and Stan’s fate. I also included Roger laughing at Stewie because Roger would totally find that situation hilarious. I used the masking tool mostly for this chimera and I added in the characters shadows because the background had shadow and it needed to match. 
My last Chimera is an alternate ending for The Walking Dead. I turned Rick into a half zombie. The last thing anyone who watches The Walking Dead wants is for Rick to die. I don’t think I could watch the show without him. Rick as a half zombie could still have a presence in the show and could be a story of his struggles to resist eating his family. I don’t really want this to happen but it was fun to think of a different direction the show could go. For this chimera I googled zombie photoshop tutorials and followed along with the steps. It reminded me of techniques I had forgotten and taught me some new things along the way.
I chose these as my subjects because they are my all time favorite shows and they were really fun to make and use my imagination.